Badalona - beaches and the Serralada of Marina

Barcelona is a very famous city known everywhere around the world: beaches, nightlife, Gaudi buildings or Les Rambles are some of the topics that come to anyone when hears about the city. But very close to it there is also a very nice city, with also nice beaches, same open minded people and lot of spots and attraction to have lot of fun and very nice holidays.

Badalona is a coastal city located in the north-east of Spain, 10 minutes away from Barcelona. On the ranking of most populated cities around Catalonia, Badalona is the third after Barcelona and Hospitalet of Llobregat, with a population of approximately 250,000 habitants.


Foto: Badius de Badalona by diluvi

Badalona is distributed in 35 neighborhoods, grouped in 8 districts. The urban core has a surface around 9 square meters and the whole city around 21.

The city is very well connected with the Barcelona – El Prat – airport, Girona Costa Brava airport and many coastal cities around Catalonia like Lloret de Mar or Salou due to the train and bus lines.

Barcelona public transport system is also going to Badalona through underground line 2, which has 4 stations inside Badalona, and several bus lines and a couple of trams. If you are around Barcelona there is no excuse to not expend some hours walking through Badalona Rambles, much less crowded than the Barcelona ones.

The weather is very soft the whole year, due to the proximity with the sea, with temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees in winter and 20 and 30 during the warm summer days. If you are thinking about going in summer all you need is a beach towel, some swim clothes and lot of sunscreen.

So, is Badalona only about beaches and sea? Of course not! The Serralada of Marina is a very long range of mountains which goes through several coastal Barcelonese and Maresme cities, included Badalona. You can walk through the paths inside the forest, visits some monasteries or have a nice barbeque surrounded by nature.

In 2010 Badalona has been awarded as the capital of the Catalan culture due to its numerous expressions of art, music and dance. During the whole year, the three theaters of the city (Principal Theater, Zorrilla Theater and Circol Catolic Theater) have been programmed with lot of festivals and events to celebrate the award.

The sport has also a very powerful presence in the city, that is why is called the city of basketball. DKV Joventut of Badalona is the official basketball team of the city and is the winner of one Euroleague and several ACB leagues and cups. You can buy a tour ticket to know a bit of the history of the club, take a picture at the trophies room or visit the basketball court, which is also used as stage for many music and culture festivals.

Beaches, nature, sports, music, culture… Still hesitating?