The beaches of Badalona

Badalona, with approximately 5 km of coast, has 9 different beaches to enjoy the sun and the sea, lying on the sand or drinking a cold beer at any of the terrace placed a few meters away from the water.

Barca Maria, Cristall, Pont d’en Botifarreta or Pescadors are the names of some of the most important beaches in Badalona, but the options are many more: from small spots where you can practice nudism, up to long beaches where enjoy a walk close to the water, practice some sports – such as beach football or volleyball – or eat a typical Spanish paella surrounded by the sound of the waves and gulls and the smell of the sea.

Beach of Badalona

Foto: Badalona, Spain. A quiet summer's day by iz.mendoza

In the evening, when the sun goes down, the beach bars raise the music volume and the night activity comes to Badalona. Chill out music, fresh mojitos or monologue contests are some of the things you can delight there.

Another important spot, related also with the beach, is the Petroli Bridge. Originally connected Badalona coast with an oil station, was used to download the extracts. Now, the station is not there anymore and the bridge was rebuilt during 2009 to be used as a walking and fishing area open to the whole public.

Beaches, sun, bars… What about sailing? Badalona has plenty of sailing schools and a new and modern harbor. With the right license you can rent a boat and sail through the Catalan coast, enjoying the landscape and the sea life.

Taking advantage of the situation and the wind, the windsurfing school teaches in all levels how to ride a board, from starting levels up to competition ones.

But if you are more interested about the life under the water, the diving club is the best choice. A unique ecosystem placed under the Petroli Bridge is waiting for you. Fishes, octopus, squids and lot of colorful seaweed can be seen inside Badalona water.

Since beaches are a very powerful hook for summer tourism, Badalona takes special care of the beaches and their facilities. All the beaches are full equipped with showers, toilets and are fully accessible.

The best way to get to the beach is to have a healthy walk or ride a bike. But if you prefer to drive, Badalona beaches are also equipped with parking places – some free and others charge –. Other options are the public bus or the train line. Badalona train station is 50 meters away from the beach, being perfect to have a nice summer day and go back to Barcelona without need of a car.