Eating and drinking in Badalona

After an exhausting day of walking and sightseeing it is time for a break. If the weather is nice, having a drink at Les Rambles can be a very relaxing experience.

Sitting in front of the sea, with the train line between the walk side and the sand, watching people walking, running or riding a bike is very amusing.

Eating and drinking in Badalona

Foto: Tapas by Flesh7

Close to the fish market you can find cheap restaurants with fresh sea food: you cannot leave without tasting grilled sardines or fresh cockles, accompanied with very cold white wine or typical Spanish sangria.

But if you are more interested in Spanish tapas, the beach bars and restaurants can offer a very extensive chart with all kind of them: patatas bravas, anchovies, olives, Galician octopus, fried calamari…

Another option for eating is to try the traditional Catalan cuisine. Badalona offers plenty of restaurants with traditional dishes cooked with local products. Calçots, escalivada, the world famous bread with tomatoes, tuna with sanfaina, cap-i-pota or sausage with beans are only some of the “musts” if you are visiting a Catalan place.

Gazpacho, although is not an originally dish from Badalona, is very popular: cold soup with tomato, onion, garlic, green peppers and some other vegetables; a very healthy and refreshing drink.

If you are on a hurry, try the take away sausages at Carrer del Mar, a commercial street downtown. There is the oldest sausages place, whit all the types of sausages and burgers you can ever imagine.

Badalona has also a long tradition with sweets and desserts, and you should taste the Catalan cream, the typical honey with curd or the Pessic bread, a kind of cake very spongy.

During the winter months you must try some of the nougat specialties. All the bakeries storefronts are full with awesome shape nougats made of almond, chocolate, honey, strawberries…

Are you trusty? Then let’s check what Badalona can offer for drinking. Wine, sangria, beer with iced lemon… If you are lying on the beach is very common to have a beer with slush lemon, the perfect remedy against the high temperatures. But if you want something stronger, order a jar of sangria: red wine, soda, sugar and various fruits are some of the ingredients of this famous recipe.

Cava has a strong presence in the Badalona’s culture, a type of sparkling wine made with grapes and sugar. Is commonly drunk accompanying the dessert or to celebrate anything.

At night, take a bottle of white fisher wine and a towel and sit next to the sea. Let the water soak your feet, enjoying the moonlight and the stars around you; an unforgettable experience.