Fireworks, fire-running and Midsummer

Badalona, like most of the Catalan villages and cities, is famous for its fireworks and fire shows. Let’s enjoy a night show full of lights, thunders, explosions and colors. This is the big Fireworks before the Daemon burning on May.

The whole Rambla is filled with speakers which play music synchronized with the explosions. The performance lasts about 20 minutes and, although is open for all the people regardless age, is not recommended to small kids and babies: the very loud explosions can damage sensitive hears.


Foto: Fireworks by ericlbc

Another activity very close related with fireworks is the fire-running. A group of young people – the daemons - wear special fireproof clothes with daemon shapes, carrying big flares and torches through the streets of the center of the city. Is a very nice show, where the bravest kids run next to the daemons. The fire-running is usually accompanied with drums and timbales.

But, if we have to talk about fire and music, we cannot miss the Midsummer celebration. Once the school ends, every 23th of June there is a big festivity to celebrate the beginning of the summer: Saint John verbena.

When the sun goes down, all the group of friends meet at the beach and prepare a big campfire, drinking cava and eating the traditional “Coca de Sant Joan”, a cake made with pine nuts, custard or dry fruits.

The youngest spend all the night playing with firecrackers and fireworks - If you want to use them, you should be careful: every year lot of people end the night at hospital because of a misuse of the firecrackers - and the adults talking, laughing and making plans about the summer is about to start: trips, dreams, holidays… 3 months ahead to enjoy.

Sant Joan night, the shortest one of the year, is also a party opportunity: night clubs usually diminish the minimum age for the entrance, and the teens, which are in the boundary of the adult world, can join them for one night.

But, apart from the clubs, the most recurrent place is the beach. You have to be very early there to find a nice spot where to make a campfire, put the towels, the beach bar and any other stuff you will need.

At Forum beach, between Barcelona and Badalona, there is every year a big party, with live bands, DJ sets, fire jugglers and many other performances.

The party goes on until the sunrise, where those who have endured all the night go to have breakfast, to enjoy the last minutes of the night and finally home. Then is time for the cleaning services of the beach, they need to prepare it for the people who will go to the beach all the day, while the rest is sleeping, because the 24th is holiday: Saint John the Baptist.