May Festivities in Badalona

The most expected month for Badalonese people is May. The end of the school is near, the first baths on the sea and the big festivities of the city. The whole month is full of activities that invite to foreign and locals to be part of Badalona.

Although the peak of May for Badalonese people is the 11th of the month - Saint Anastasi day, the patron saint of Badalona – you can find something special to do all around the city during this month, especially on weekends.

The demon, most important icon of the festivities is set up the first of May. Most of the schools are invited to join the party, creating small daemon made of paper and paperboard and set next to the big official one, ready to be burned the 10th of May, the night before Saint Anastasi.

Expositions, music and dance contests, theater shows and a lot of cultural expressions are spread throughout the city.

Another important symbol of the May festivities of Badalona is the official bandana. Each year in a different color, is a symbol to show the others that you are part of the celebration. Everybody is called to wear the bandana, to join the party.

Next to the train station, a mobile attractions park is installed. Although is not a very big park, there are lot of attractions, carnival shops and places for eating. Even if you are afraid of riding the rollercoasters, is nice to take a walk and eat a red caramel apple.

For young people, the best times during the festivities are the concerts. With two or three stages around the city, every year the organization surprises the public with cool and fashion bands. You can enjoy for free most of the concerts, sitting on the grass and having a good time with your friends.

The traditional music has also a place during the festivities: Catalan rock bands, Sardana contests – the traditional Catalan dance – and dance bands have a gap in the city’s agenda.

During last years, the alternative festivities are becoming more crowded. A group of young people organizes each year parallel festivities, with some activities like the bar running: each participant receives a ticket with a set route and a plastic glass. The aim is to accomplish the route having a drink on each bar, dancing and shouting over the street following the rhythm of the music of and street orchestra, with drums and winds.

There are many more activities, but the best to stay informed is to go to Badalona, ask the people walking through the street, they will be glad of showing you the way, to make you part of the celebration.