Night life in Badalona

Music, beautiful people and a cool atmosphere is only a bit of what Badalona can give you. The possibilities are infinite: from very crowded clubs, up to quiet chill out terraces next to the sea where to enjoy a nice cocktail.

After having dinner, you can start the night taking a walk at Les Rambles, looking for a free place where to sit. Lots of bars are there: Bahia, Espiral, Splash, 1913 or Mexclat are some of the pubs you can find there. But, maybe, the most crowded is Antillana, with a big terrace and always full of people, very famous for its Valencian water: a mix of peaches and orange juice, vodka, sugar, gin and ice. Served very cold, you have to be careful because the sweet taste often hides its high alcohol content.

Night life

Foto: Night life by mK B.

Smoking is allowed in most of the bars, either at the terrace or in specially designated areas.

Badalona has a whole night life dedicated area: Canyado, next to Mataro road. The access with public transport is bus (night bus 9 or 11) or by train (the Mongat train station is only 5 minutes away from Canyado). In Canyado you can find 2 big night clubs and many pubs and bars.

Titus Carpa is, perhaps, the most crowded club. Carpa, as is called by the people in the area due its big tent, has 2 dance floors: one with house and electro house music and the other one with pop, rock and current hits. Going there is not so suffocating as normal clubs because the fresh air enters through the tent. You can also sit in the many terraces which the club has. The entry is free, but is mandatory to buy one drink. The permitted age is 16 on Fridays and 18 on Saturday. Normally is open until 6 in the morning.

The other big club is Dada, which belongs to a popular clubbing holding in Barcelona. Famous for its music – dance, electronic and house -, is more focused on younger people. Is recommended go there not so late, because the queues are very large and once the nightclub is full, the entrance is closed. Entry is permitted for over 16 years and the price is around 12 euros and is also open until 6 am.

There are many more options, like Road 13, a kind of hard-rock café where you can watch live concerts or many The Evil Nursery, a bar customized as a nursery where the waiters and waitress are dressing up like doctors and nurses. Other famous pubs – which close at 3 am – are Pichichi, The Tabern or The Jungle.

If you want something more relaxed, just crossing the train track and next to the beach, there are many beach bars, with sofas and loungers, where enjoying a drink, surrounded by torches, cool atmosphere and chill out music. They are only open during the summer season, but Oasis and Paradis – some of the most popular in Badalona – have a full schedule for the whole summer, with shows, monologues and various performances.